Bergen, Norway, 2009
Old City, Philadelphia, PA, 2009
Plane to Point and Line
The point-line-plane postulate in geometry is a collective of three assumptions that are the basis for Euclidean geometry in three or more
dimensions. Wassily Kandinsky’s book
Point and Line to Plane written explores key elements and relations in the construction of non-objective arts.  
When viewing the natural interconnection between elements it is difficult to pin point the exact beginning and end of an object unless it is extracted
and isolated against a neutral background. Under closer examination the object continues to allude our ability to define specific connections and
intersections that intertwine to form the object as it appears.

Points of intersection and separation are more pronounced in human made urban environments, products of architectural planning and clarity in
order to construct.

Plane to Point and Line is a simple de-construction and re-configuration that turns key points of individual surfaces into maps of interconnection.  
Using photographs, each intersection where a plane distinctly changes direction is plotted with a dot and a set of parameters is established to
connect those dots.  
Penns Landing, Philadelphia, PA, 2009
Charles Livingston Studio